a beautiful embroidered stars and black pearls wedding veil for a celestial bride

45 Dreamy Celestial Wedding Ideas

Celestial weddings are love: they are beautiful, charming and somewhat mystical at the same time, maybe this is why they are so incredibly trendy now. If you are hesitating to take this theme or not, you should take a look at the ideas I’ve gathered – I’m sure, they will inspire you!

Wedding Stationary

Wedding invitations done celestial style will hint your guests on the theme of your wedding, and you may incorporate the colors of your wedding into them, which are usually navy, blues, green, purple, black or black and white or greys – there are lots of color schemes to go for. Add celestial decor like constellations, stars, half moons and other decor.

Wedding Clothes And Accessories

The first thing a celestial bride needs is a gorgeous sparkling wedding gown! There are lots of beautiful options that will make you shine brighter than stars, and you can even find some dresses with star embroidery and appliques. Add a celestial headpiece – a tiara with stars, a sunburst crown and a pair of statement earrings. If you don’t want a sparkling gown, accessorize yourself with celestial or half moon embellished shoes, a starry veil or a hand painted leather jacket with moon phases.

Wedding Decor

The most popular color schemes for celestial weddings are navy plus gold and black, grey, black and white, black and silver, white and silver, purple, black and gold and you may create many more ombos to go for – rock whatever you prefer! Then figure out what backdrop or altar you want: will it be a half moon made of pampas grass? Or an ombre floral moon backdrop? Or something else? Continue with your reception space making it celestial – follow your color scheme and add constellations, stars, phases of the moon and all the other details you like. Continue with moon menus, a half moon seating chart, black pebbles with constellations for escort cards and so on – imagine you perfect reception and just realize it!

Wedding Food

Offer your guests gorgeous phases of the moon macarons, star and moon shaped cookies and fantastic celestial wedding cakes in the colors of your wedding topped with candles or even LEDs. Such a wedding will be totally unforgettable!