watermelon, mint and feta appetizers with balsamic vinegar

35 Yummy Summer Wedding Appetizers

There’s no wedding without appetizers – no cocktail hour can take place without them, besides many couple offer them at the reception. If you are planning a summer wedding, what appetizers to serve? Let’s take a look at some ideas.

Vegan Summer Wedding Appetizers

If you are a vegan couple or want to please your vegan guests, opt for something proper for them – there are such delicious options that will please carnivore guests, too. Go for freshness as it’s summer: include fresh fruits and veggies into your appetizers. These may be veggies with dip, edible cups and baskets with fresh veggie salad, crostini with cheese and fruits or Caprese-inspired skewers with mozzarella and various combos of fruits and vegetables.

Non-Vegan Summer Wedding Appetizers

If you like chicken, think of chicken salad served on apple slices or chicken kabobs served with various kinds of dip. If you are a seafood couple, why not go for shrimps with dip or sauce, skewers with shrimps with grapes or crab cakes? Various skewers are also welcome – spruce up Caprese skewers with prosciutto or jamon. If you like fast food, serve mini burgers with French fries or mini tacos. Get inspired and excite your guests with a gorgeous menu!