smoked salmon canapes with asparagus are delicious spring wedding appetizers

25 Delicious Spring Wedding Appetizers

Spring wedding season will be very soon on, and if you are looking for food inspiration for your wedding, this is it! We’ve gathered some delicious spring wedding appetizers that may interest you and even make your mouth water, take a look!

Vegan Spring Wedding Appetizers

There’s a whole variety of vegan wedding appetizers for spring, they also fit if you wanna serve more fresh fruits and vegetables. These can be spring rolls with veggies, veggies in cups with dip, various types of vegetable crostini, pastry cups, sandwiches and tartlets. Add more fresh herbs and spices and don’t forget to offer some crowd-pleasing options like mini pizzas and sliders.

Other Spring Wedding Appetizers

If you don’t feel like serving only vegan food, go for delicious appetizers with shrimps and salmon – cucumber rolls with cream cheese and salmon, skewers with shrimps and fruits or veggies, smoked salmon canapes and various kinds of salad served in cups. Let your guests enjoy!