a pink wedding gown with a handpainted black leather jacket for a statement look

25 Edgy Wedding Leather Jackets For Brides

Rocking a leather jacket at the wedding is a hot idea that more and more brides and grooms try. If we take brides, we can go for any wedding dresses with a leather jacket – I matches absolutely any style giving it an edge. You can see not only rock-n-roll brides or boho ones wearing a leather jacket but even glam princess-style brides rocking them. Let’s take a look and maybe you’ll get inspired, too?

Black Leather Jackets

A black leather jacket is perhaps the most popular item to cover up among brides. Your leather jacket can be hand painted or embroidered, oversized or cropped, embellished or studded, you can go for any kind of detailing or no detailing at all. Add a black hat and boots to create an edgy or boho look or go for embellished heels instead to make your outfit glam.

Colored/ White Leather Jackets

If black is too typical for you, you can wear white, pink, brown, burgundy and literally any other color. A bold and colored leather jacket will make you stand out, if you take white or blush, it won’t contrast a neutral wedding dress and will match and complete the look. A burgundy or emerald leather jacket will be a nice idea for a bold contrasting look in the fall or winter. Take a look at the ideas below to get inspired!