a bright midsummer bridal shower setting with a greenery and bright flower runner dotted with citrus halves, a wooden charger and elegant cutlery

32 Lively Summer Bridal Shower Ideas

Summer is very close, and it’s time of hot and colorful weddings and cheerful and bright bridal showers! If you are planning a bridal shower this summer, you may need some themes, ideas, color schemes and dessert and drink ideas, and we are ready to share them all with you, let’s begin!

Summer Bridal Shower Decor

First of all, choose a theme or style for your summer bridal shower. Will it be boho, folksy, glam or rustic? Will you go for a lemon bridal shower, a cactus one or a just a colorful one? Make or buy decorations depending on that: make lemon centerpieces and napkins for a lemon-themed shower, incorporate cactus and succulent printed placemats into boho summer shower decor, go for fresh greenery, bright blooms and even half of fruits to refresh and brighten up the space. Decorate the space with balloons and napkins that match and voila, a cheerful ambience is done!

Summer Bridal Shower Food And Drinks

As it’s a summer party, food and drinks should be refreshing, so incorporate many fruits and berries everywhere. Serve lots of fresh drinks and juices of various kinds, pimp up your drinks with berries. Make fruit pops, popsicles with edible flowers inside, shortcakes, cupcakes, cookies and fruit and berry kabobs to keep your gals refreshed.