matte pastel wedding nail with a single marble accent nail with touches of rose gold

35 Trendy Spring Wedding Nails Ideas

Every bride wants to look her best on her big day, and every detail is super important here, your nails being among them. I’ve gathered amazing spring wedding nails ideas – here you’ll see all the hottest and edgiest ideas. Dive in!

Marble Wedding Nails

Marble is a very popular idea for styling your wedding nails, and you can rock nude nails with a couple of accent marble ones, or go for matte pastel nails with marble elements or even rock only marble nails but don’t limit yourself to only traditional black, grey or white marble, rock pink or blue or any other ones that you want. Add a touch of glitter to your manicure if you want and voila – a trendy manicure is done!

Embellished And Glitter Wedding Nails

If you prefer some glitter, bling, shiny detailing, wear nude, grey, white, French or any other nails that you like and spruce them up with embellishments. These can be small or large rhinestones, pearls, studs and other stuff you like. You may also make your manicure stand out with some glitter of the shades that you like. Mix it all up or choose just one type of embellishments – it’s totally up to you and your bridal style!

Nude Wedding Nails

Nude wedding nails are classics, they will never go out of style and they will always fit any bridal look. Make your nude wedding nails trendier making them matte, adding a couple of metallic stripes, going for a reverse French manicure or choosing an unexpected shade of nude. Get inspired!