a twisted wavy low bun with a textural bump and some locks down

28 Inspiring And Chic Bridesmaid Hair Ideas

Hair, hair, hair! Sometimes hair and makeup can make more than just a dress, so they are very important for creating your look. If you are looking for various chic hairstyles for bridesmaids or even brides, this article will be helpful – I’ve gathered some cool ideas suitable for both, they aren’t too formal but very comfy in wearing. Take a look!

Bridesmaid Updos

Updos are very popular for all kinds of occasions because they let you stay picture-perfect all day without taking care of your hair. A low bun is number one – it fits medium length and long hair, it can be sleek, messy or textural, it can feature a braid or braided halo or just a messy bump on top. Braided low updos and low chignons are also very cool and trendy, there are lots of modifications and options below, get inspired.

Bridesmaid Half Updos

Half updos are more romantic and relaxed and will show off your beautiful locks. Your half updo may be wavy, curly or textural, and you can highlight your hairstyle with various braids on top or braided halos and add a chic sparkling hairpiece if you want.

Bridesmaid Ponytails

Ponytails are a popular option, too, and I’m not talking about usual sleek ones – add volume and texture! Go for waves or curls, twists, braids and a bump on top and your look will be amazing! Get inspired by the ideas below and steal something for visiting a wedding.